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Aiden J. Baptiste-Boissiere is an accountant turned personal chef and caterer who serves the Washington, D.C., metropolitan area. Reared in New Orleans, Aiden is no stranger to good food or Southern hospitality. He fondly recalls growing up watching his grandmother prepare wonderfully created meals for the family.

Having always had a zeal for cooking, this passion was solidified during Aiden’s collegiate days at Southern University-New Orleans. There were many nights where he invited classmates and other close friends to his home, helping to set the stage for the future of Aiden’s Cuisine. And while he considers himself a self-taught chef, Aiden is proud to have studied at the renowned Le Cordon Bleu® in Atlanta, Georgia, which enabled him to perfect his craft.

In his free time, Aiden enjoys to travel, and this love affair has taken him to many cities across the United States. Aiden considers New York one of his favorites cities because of its cultural diversity, since it is a melting pot of different ethnicities and foods. He says the restaurants there offer so much to someone who appreciates delicious cuisine. But naturally, New Orleans is his favorite place, as there is no flavor like that of his home city’s.

It's Personal
Chef Aiden hopes to share his passion and love of Italian, Creole, Cajun, American, and Southern cuisine with you! Aiden Specializes in Fusing Italian with Creole Spices.

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